Anna Urbanik - Business Writer & Consultant


Business Writing FAQ

What exactly is business writing?

A wide range of different writing projects come under the umbrella term of business writing, including both internal communications within the company and external communications with the customer or other organizations on behalf of the business.

  • newsletters
  • letters
  • proposals
  • reports
  • power point presentations
  • press releases
  • marketing brochures
  • copywriting
  • technical writing
  • web copy
  • blogging

How can my business benefit from business writing?

No matter what the area of your business, from real estate through the hotel industry to restaurants and golf, what you want to do is sell. Words are the most powerful tool in convincing people to buy from you. That's where business writing becomes an essential element of your marketing efforts. A professionally written text attracts customers to your products or services, turns them into your loyal clients and creates a lasting image of you and your business.

Why is content-based marketing becoming so popular?

Because people crave information. Before they decide to buy your product or service they want to know everything about it. Buyers are choosing companies they know and trust, and the best way to create that bond is through consistent communication (which cannot exist without content).

How should I address my target audience?

Whether you are selling to retirees, young professionals, or hip singles, your language and tone should reflect theirs and should address them in a way that they feel an immediate sense of identification or empathy. This can only be accomplished through professionally crafted, intelligent messages that speak to your target customers specific needs, wants, concerns and interests.
If you have spent thousands of dollars on creating the visual aspects of your marketing materials and yet you don't see the results you were expecting, i's time to invest in the content of your messaging system.