30 June, 2010

5 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2010

Halfway through 2010, you can still take advantage of the five trends that promised to help you come up with winning new products services this year.


Forget the recession: the societal changes that will dominate 2010 were set in motion way before we temporarily stared into the void. Now, to truly prosper, companies will have to ‘move with the culture’. This may mean displaying greater transparency and honesty,or having conversations as opposed to one-way advertising, or championing collaboration instead of an us-them mentality. Or, it could be about being a bit edgy and daring as opposed to safe and bland. (Picture: The Icecreamists is a UK ice cream brand that has positioned itself using premium, X-rated flavors, and bold ads.)


Whatever it is you're selling or launching in 2010, it will be reviewed ‘en masse’, live, 24/7. In short, with even more people sharing, in real time, everything they do, buy, listen to, watch, attend, wear and so on, 2010 will see ready-to-buy consumers tapping into a live stream of (first-hand) experiences from fellow consumers. Oh, and how to deal with REAL-TIME REVIEWS? Either outperform so reviews will be positive, or adopt a radical ‘beta-mindset’ which means you involve customers in your development processes from day one, eliminating the possibility of out-of-the-blue bad reviews upon launch.


Closely tied to what constitutes status (which is becoming more fragmented), luxury will be whatever consumers want it to be over the next 12 months (hence, luxury in flux). Now that there are so many more ways to be unique than just buy the biggest and the most expensive, how about luxury constituting: Anything providing ‘access’? Secrets? Stories? Time with one's loved ones? Time for oneself? All things local? Peace and quiet, if not escape? Eco-friendly? Human-friendly? Animal-friendly? So don't worry about missing out on the next big thing in luxury, focus on defining it.


To really reach some meaningful sustainability goals in 2010, corporations and governments will have to forcefully make it ‘easy’ for consumers to be more green, by restricting the alternatives. Think anything that by default leaves no choice, no room for complacency, and thus makes it ‘easy’ for consumers (and corporations) to do the right and necessary thing. The government of Mexico City recently passed a law restricting businesses from giving out plastic bags that are not biodegradable. Mexico City becomes the second large metropolitan area in the Western Hemisphere (after San Francisco) to outlaw the bags.

Halfway through 2010, you can still take advantage of the five trends that promised to help you come up with winning new products and services this year.


Tracking and alerting are the new search. In 2010 Count on everything being tracked and alerted on (there's more than FedEx packages!): from friends to enemies to fuel prices to flights to authors to pizzas to any mentions of oneself. The real opportunity in 2010? TRACKING and ALERTING is something that consumers actually need and want, that delights them, that they crave. They are quite literally asking for relevant information, even giving you permission to provide them with more. What's not to like?

Now that you've got the scoop, it's all hands on.

Article adapted from a briefing by Trendwatching, one of the world's leading trend firms.

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