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21 June, 2010

9 Steps Casa Dorada Los Cabos has Taken to Double Their Sales in 2009

Many resort managers may have given up on 2009 altogether just because the news channels announced we were in the middle of hospitality crisis. It has been even more difficult for new companies trying to enter competitive markets such as Los Cabos. However, Casa Dorada showed that sometimes it takes more work and effort to accomplish something, but as long as you have a (good) plan and stay focused, YOU CAN DO IT.

When Casa Dorada Los Cabos opened its doors in early 2008, the global crisis was only a distant forecast. With its spectacular Medano Beach location, extra-spacious suites, and a team of service-oriented individuals, there was nothing stopping them. As 2009 came around, the resort, along with all other properties around Los Cabos and Mexico, faced a worldwide hospitality slump. Now, with 2010 around the corner, the resort ranks # 12 in Cabo San Lucas on TripAdvisor, with excellent customer reviews and sales that have doubled since last year.

It wasn't an easy task to accomplish. Yet, Victor Gomez, Casa Dorada's General Director, and his team have worked hard to make it happen. The following are the 9 steps they took to become the best Cabo San Lucas beach resort and keep their occupancy ABOVE 40% during all of 2009:

1. Stayed away from reducing rates

Instead focused specials of their One Bedroom suites (the resort's best value for money paid)

2. Focused sales & marketing strategy on electronic tools:

3. Listened to their customers
They followed up on the comments their guests posted on TripAdvisor in order to let them know they cared about their opinions and were ready to work on their weaknesses.

4. Increased Casa Dorad's presence at major travel events

Thierry Baurez, Director of Sales at Casa Dorada, has become a true ambassador for the resort, traveling extensively to all major tourism fairs and luxury shows. “Casa Dorada is a new product and we need to be present in the mind of agents and general public,” he said.

5. Made it to the hotel gallery of where travel business really happens.
Where's that? With top luxury wholesalers and major online travel agencies.

6. Created new services

As an ever-expanding and ever-innovating company, Casa Dorada recently added new services to enhance guest experience. Some of them are:

7. Avoided job cuts
Not only have they not fired a single employee during 2009, they limited to a minimum the “supportive days”, which mean employees work for ”free• for a certain number of days per month. The average in Cabo during the past 6 months was 24, while at Casa Dorada only 6.

8. Kept marketing budget intact

Need we say more? As long as you keep promoting, customers will keep coming.

9. Learned a lesson from the economic downturn

Thierry Baurez put it this way: “This is an opportunity year where we need to highlight our strongest points, enhance the added values and make sure that the service provided to the client is outstanding in order to create the word of mouth publicity.” You, too, can lead your company to a successful happy ending, regardless of the economic situation. Reaching results like Casa Dorada's in 2010 is now 9 steps closer.

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