Anna Urbanik - Business Writer & Consultant

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Meet Anna

Welcome to my web site!

My name is Anna Urbanik and I’m a business writer specializing in luxury travel, hospitality and real estate.

I was born in Poland, got my first job in Germany, studied journalism in the United States, learned Spanish in Spain, and have helped clients succeed in nearly 20 countries.

In addition to an eight-year independent career as a business writer, I have also worked as a journalist and editor in the U.S., Mexico and Singapore and as a consultant of business English in Europe and North America. Most recently, I have spent two years traveling to 30 different countries, while collaborating on marketing projects and publishing a book.

I believe that thanks to my enthusiasm for luxury, travel, marketing and writing, I have all the tools to help you TELL YOUR STORY. And I’ll be delighted to do so.

To read what my clients say about me, visit my testimonials page.